My name is Tomislav Capan, and I'm a software engineer and an open-minded .Net developer based in Croatia. Looking beyond borders of being only a developer, together with partners, I'm involved in running the largest Croatian music portal Muzika.hr.

I’m working on a .Net platform, having an augmented experience by using some great community tools and libraries in that ecosystem. Leaning towards great tools to build great software, I'm always interested in exploring cool things around, like having an affair with Rails lately, playing with Flex mobile development, or checking out Node.js.

I've been with Muzika.hr project almost from its beginnings, grown that into a business. On top of that, we've built our company in 2007 to provide services for clients. Still, my interests go beyond services, into new ventures and building great products not limited to a local market.

I'm currently available for hire as an independent contractor. For more info, visit my LinkedIn profile, where you can reach me if needed. I can also be found on Twitter.