Here's a list of books I've found to be a great read. I'll split them in several groups, whether they're a technical read, business read, or some other category I find fit.

Developer's read

Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans is probably the most influential book in my professional career. It promotes the approach of modelling software by understanding the real world problem, and as deeper insights in the problem domain are gathered, the software evolves into a better, becoming cleaner and easier to understand. It's all supported by example of a real application evolving through the book.

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler is a great book full of insights and best practices in modelling the software. Martin's extensive experience is built into a great book of advanced patterns and solutions to common problems, based on real world examples.

Code Complete by Steve McConnel is a lightweight read, written in a friendly language, and full of great examples and gotchas from everyday practice that easily slip our mind. Many of those each developer has encountered, and eventually forgotten. This book is a great reminder to keep you skills sharp, and your code more efficient.

Business read

Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson is a great overview of his entrepreneurial career, how he started from music business and built up to everything Virgin is today. Filled with lots of great insights and inspiring stories, I can recommend it as a great motivational resource to everyone running its own business, especially looking into or getting stuck with the business expansion. Virgin story can spark some new ideas in your head too!