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This is the first post on this blog, and an opportunity to give a short outline and background for what will happen here in the future.

A short introduction would be that I’m a software engineer based in Croatia, looking beyond borders of being only a developer. I’m involved in running a company with my partners, and the largest Croatian music portal

This blog is intendend to cover topics from the software engineering, but also the business of software and the IT industry overview from the perspective of being on the side where projects and products are built. It will include some own experience and insights of projects I’ve been working on, but also general comments about the projects, products, companies and events.

On the developer’s side I’ll include comments about technologies and frameworks I’m working with or have had a chance to explore a bit, or currently exploring and maybe some personal microprojects I’ll be working on.

As a general overview of what can be expected here, I’m currently working on a Microsoft’s .Net platform, but having an affair with Rails lately. I’m sort of a ‘punker’ in the MS world, using some open source technologies and libraries on top of or instead of some .Net components and the MVC architecture. Generally, I like to choose tools that make my life easier, whether they come from Microsoft or the community.

I hope you’ll have a nice time here and will find some of the thoughts intersting enough for you and the work you do, and will share your experiences and questions in the comments.

Thank you for your time you’ll spend here reading.

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