‘The Other Side’ Orchard theme available for you

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While working on this blog and experimenting with the Orchard CMS, I’ve decided to build my own theme to feel the product and the workflow. This blog’s styling is the result, and I’ve also decided to publish the theme to the public.

For each open source product to succeed, I strongly believe that there should be a healthy community built around it. This is a key to success for WordPress as a platform, so it’s vital for this new product to built the same kind of engaged community to help it grow.

For all developers and designers out there who are willing to give Orchard a test drive, publishing this blog’s theme as an open source is my small contribution to building that community.

Feel free to use it as an out-of-the-box theme for your Orchard blog or website by installing it from the Orchard Gallery, or fork from the GitHub repository to extend it or learn from it.

Every feedback on the theme is welcome. Also, I’d like to have some track of sites actually using it in production, so feel free to ping me back with URLs to your Orchard websites using this theme in the comments.

We are the community who should engage in providing the great experience for all of us.

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