The path walked in the past

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Ah, the past, all the things that made as smarter today... Seeing someone's past is always an interesting thing, to get some insights for the present, and the future. So, here’s mine.

Should I start with C64 basic when I was a kid? Or, let’s just skip over the Turbo Pascal, static HTML websites in the late ‘90s, playing with some classic ASP and really basic PHP, towards my first real working experience... 

Java is the language I used to work with for over a year at my first job, together with Oracle databases for the whole 2 years of working there. Also, there was a bit of .Net development there, some GIS projects on top of the Intergraph GeoMedia SDK (and classic ASP to integrate with it, can’t say much nice things about that one), and a VB6 project, where I called it quit! 

That’s the place I’ve first met with Hibernate (therefore the choice of NHibernate today), but also the really great Tapestry web framework for creating web applications built upon the standard Java Servlet API. Tapestry inspired me to embrace the Spark View Engine in the .Net world today, looking for a similar view engine where the HTML markup drives the views.

That’s also the place where I’ve used Visual Source Safe as my first VCS, and, luckily, switched over to Subversion really soon.

If I return a bit more to the past, I’ve done some XML during the study on a faculty department’s digital library project, starting the project by defining the XML e-book structure, which got some additional features added later through other students’ work.

I’ve also created two Internet projects on the side in that time, mainly enthusiastic in their nature. The first is the Café Mobil community of mobile technology enthusiasts (in Croatian) which started in 2002, and is still alive and kickin’.

The other is an online photo gallery for our students’ club KSET started in 2004. Well, while we’re at it, if you have some time right now, stop reading and drop by to explore those galleries a little bit. You can find some really, really great photos there!

All those things seems nice looking back to it from today. I believe I’ve had luck to create some ‘real’ things, instead of just going through the curriculum. Those were the years where I got involved in project, too.

Talking about a developer's past discovers many things about evolving into where one is today, as much as gives an insight how likely one is to evolve in the future.

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